Going to actually start using this
It has come to my attention that I need a place to vent about my job. I work in technical support and while it keeps me alive by paying the bills, it is very stressful having to help people all the time. I am going to post discussions here I have with clients, expect laughs and other things.

We're living in a Deamland
This chat was interesting, they started out asking if we could offer a private IP address so nobody could see where they were hosting. It quickly broke down into what you see below:
Me: where did you get this open source version?
Them: i purchased it from them
Me: you do not purchase an open source version
Me: open source means it is free
Them: i purchased it
Them: and then i get it
Them: and then i have refunded the money
Them: is this ok for you?
Them: also they have it for free
Them: i mean OPEN CODE
Them: so i can edit the codes
Me: no, that is illegal to use it if they require a license
Them: the codes is not encrypt
Me: which they do
Them: they they
Them: who they?
Them: stupid russian?
Me: (The program's url here)
Them: i can hijack this domain
Them: also your domain if you want
Them: there is no security in the internet
Me: sir, do not threaten me or this company, we have done nothing to you
Them: understand it man
Me: Sir, this chat has gone to an unprofessional level, good bye

Then what's the problem?
This chat just confuses me:

Them: Hello, one of our employees is having trouble sending e-mails.  Is something going on at the moment or can you offer some help?
Co-worker: There are not any issues going on that I am aware of. What happens when they try to send?
Them: He hasn't said anything about problems
Them: he hasn't been near his e-mail either


Funny domain whois
I was doing a whois on a person's domain who they said was acting funny. This is what I found:

Domain name: (domain name here)

Registrant Contact:
   awr awr ()

   323 weawea
   Seatw, ON Sew 434

Administrative Contact:
   awr awr (hack3r_0@abv.bg)
   Fax: +93.34534534
   323 weawea
   Seatw, ON Sew 434

Technical Contact:
   awr awr (hack3r_0@abv.bg)
   Fax: +93.4536456
   323 weawea4
   Seatw, ON SEw 434

Apparently they had sent the domain password to an e-mail they got, which happened to be a phisher. Unfortunately for them the domain had been transferred away and they couldn't do anything about it.


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